Computer is a very effective and efficient machine which performs several activities in few minutes, which otherwise would have taken several days if performed naturally. Besides there would have been a doubt about the accuracy, finish etc. The computer may be faster; more accurate but it cannot compete with human brain. However there are some similarities between the human and the computer which would make the computer more understandable.

Human Computer
1. Like human beings has ears, nose, eyes etc.


1. Computers have input devices such as keyboard, scanner, touch screen, mouse etc to get information.
2. Like we remember things  2. Computer also stores information.
3. We recollect certain information as required. 3. The computer also retrieves information when times,
4. We express ourselves by speech, writing etc 4. Computer expresses through screen, Printouts etc which We call as output.
5. When we watch, hear, learn certain things and analyze. 5. with the help of software, computer also can analyze Information and draw conclusions.
6. The place where we store, analyze, 6. The computer brain is known as CPU conclude information is known as the brain (Central Processing Unit) where it analyses information.

The computer has storage devices like floppies, hard disks, compact disks to store and retrieve information.

However computer does not understand emotions, it does not understand meaning beyond words, it cannot read between the lines like the human. We learn many things unknowingly, certain things knowingly; we call it as upbringing. But computers can learn everything only knowingly. We learn many things on our own, but computer has to be taught to do everything.

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