Mathematics is a wonderful subject, yet many kids find it very complex and as they grow, they start losing their interest in it. However, maths isn’t as hard as it seems to be.

Everyone knows that having a proper understanding of basics can help you perform well in maths, but how to get that basic understanding?

Project Bot has developed a wide range of maths project ideas for students from class 1st to 12th to add a fun element in the process of learning. These maths project ideas will help students to have a clear understanding of the different concepts.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 1

1st class is just like taking the first step in the education process for kids. Here, teachers are required to impart knowledge using creative techniques. Teachers can use new-age educational math project ideas that are made to pique the curiosity within young students.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 2

During primary classes, the main motive of teachers should be to make students fall in love with maths. This can only be done when they ensure that kids are enjoying learning the daily lessons. Fun activities using mathematical props will be best for class 2.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 3

In class 3, it’s very important to introduce kids to basic mathematics operations. Project Bot has developed multiple creative maths projects ideas for these developing brains of class 3 kids, related to basic operations.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 4

Decimals and fractions are not easy for the brain that has only done basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication so far. Hence, class 4th students must be provided with math project ideas to take a step ahead.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 5

Class 5th is a critical stage in the life of a student. Their primary learning sums up in class 5th and their learning level is about to upgrade in the coming years. Hence, it becomes crucial that they have a wholesome understanding of what they have learned so far.

Maths project ideas for class 5th by Project Bot are developed for a clear understanding of the basic concepts so that the student is prepared for the complex maths topics of higher classes.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 6

Class 6th is the first step of students in secondary learning. It can be initially difficult for them to grasp the complexities of the advanced maths problem. Hence, it becomes important to assist them with practical maths projects by Project Bot and instill better understanding within them.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 7

Learnings in the 7th standard act as a bridge between class 6th and 8th. While the students were already doing the in-depth study of every concept they have learned so far, they also have to prepare themselves for class 8th. Hence, learning with projects becomes crucial to develop a firm grip of every topic.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 8

The first step in elementary education. Class 8th can be a complete nightmare for teenagers if they do not find an engaging learning method. Projects can make the learning interactive and students can easily understand the complexities of the new chapters.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 9

An introduction to trigonometry can be brain-freezing if taught without the help of demonstrative tools that can best explain the concept to the developing brains. Learning is fun if the teaching technique is right.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 10

The pressure of boards can be alleviated with well-developed maths project ideas by Project Bot. Students can earn good grades by using these project ideas in their assessments. They can also these working project ideas to understand things better and develop a better memory.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 11

Maths in class 11th is not mere addition and subtraction of data. Problems are much more complex now and they are aimed to develop a brain that can solve industrial issues. Hence, students from class 11th must be provided with projects that can aid their problem-solving ability.

Maths Project Ideas For Class 12

Class 12th is a crucial year in the life of a student in terms of learning and grades. It becomes vital for students to have a practical understanding of theorems and formulae. They also have to earn good grades to land into some good college for further studies; hence, maths project ideas by Project Bot is a good tool for them to learn and earn grades.

Maths Project Ideas For The Exhibition

As kids grow they get exposed to new concepts of maths and various events/competitions that take place inside and outside their school.

Participating in exhibitions and competitions is important to develop various skills within the students. Hence, we have bought these maths project ideas for the exhibition that is relevant for various categories of school students.

Class 4th to 8th

Class 4th to 8th includes students who are not mature enough to understand the complex concepts of maths.  In primary school, kids learn very basic concepts and after 5th they start learning the use of those concepts.

Project Bot has developed maths project ideas for exhibitions for class 4th to 8th, to help them learn well and develop a confidence in their knowledge.

  • Abacus Making 

Mathematics is a subject in which you learn new concepts yet you have to practice the previous ones every day, and you can’t ignore them. Students find it very boring, doing the same operations in every question.

Making an Abacus and solving maths problems through it, will be a quite fascinating thing to do for students.

Project Bot has developed this maths exhibition idea to inculcate the thought of solving problems using different methods in young minds.

  • Find Day of Any Date  

Do you know you can find the day of any date of any random year using simple mathematical operations? Find the day of any date math project idea includes simple tables using which students can guess the actual day of any date. Project Bot has designed this exhibition idea for class 4th to 8th students.

Kids are going to enjoy guessing the day of different years using this find day of any date exhibition project idea. The intention behind the making of this exhibition idea is to sharpen the memory of students and help them in doing speedy calculations.

Class 9th to 12th

During class 9th to 12th, students come across some very important and advanced topics of mathematics. The basic concepts of those concepts should be very clear to students; otherwise, they won’t be able to solve advanced mathematical problems.

Project Bot has created various maths project ideas for students of class 9th to 12th. They can not only use these ideas in exhibitions but these ideas can also aid their learning.

  • Trigonometry Working Model

Trigonometry is considered one of the most difficult topics in mathematics. Why so? The reason behind this is the multiple formulae that students find difficult to memorize while solving trigonometric problems. However, learning the formulae can be made easy if students will use creative ways to memorize.

The trigonometry working model is developed by Project Bot for maths enthusiasts. Through this working model, students can understand the basic concept of trigonometry and the importance of different trigonometry ratios in a regular triangle. The demonstrative project idea also helps students to develop a memory of formulae.

  • Square Roots of Numbers Working Model 

Square roots of numbers are very important to memorize and use in exams to solve problems fastly. This square roots of numbers working model developed by Project Bot is a simple yet incredible maths project idea for the exhibition.

Students can demonstrate the way through which others can learn the perfect square of some known square roots through this working model. Revising the same numbers, again and again, isn’t an easy task but if you are doing it through an interesting process then it will become quite easy for you.

  • Pythagoras Theorem Working Model 

How many of you remember Pythagoras theorem? It is one of the most used theorems in mathematics, you will need it everywhere, whether it be menstruation, geometry, or trigonometry. This is why students should have conceptual clarity of the use of the Pythagoras theorem.

Project Bot has developed a Pythagoras theorem working model for students to help them understand the topic better. The project has a very simple setup and students will not face any inconvenience while presenting this in the exhibition.


Maths project ideas by Project Bot are effective and efficient learning tools for school students. They assist the learning process by making it more interesting. Also, students can use these project ideas for classroom presentations and school exhibitions.

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