Chemistry for class 12th is sought to be the most practical and assistance-requiring subject because of the vast syllabus, which extends a hardship in revision within a short period. For the students who aren’t even clear on the fundamentals, this can come up as the most depressing fact. But worry not. With bigger problems, comes the doorway to solutions.

For the students planning on graduating from a chemistry major, practicals can come as a big hurdle. Most students find themselves stuck at the question of what are the best topics for the chemistry project class 12?

Your search for an enormous catalog of chemistry project topics for class 12 students ends here at Project Bot.

Creative and Intriguing Chemistry Project Ideas for Class 12

For the learners interested in science, choosing the best topics for chemistry project class 12 would be an easy task but for the backbenchers, it can be a tad bit of a task. Chemistry students research and experiment with the elements of the world – examining their properties and how they interact, combine and transform.

Project Bot offers 12th chemistry project topics for the class that are flexible and easy to conduct at home. Chemistry project topics for class 12 CBSE students and Chemistry project topics for class 12 ICSE students are compiled by highly skilled and mindful professionals at Project Bot to propose necessary aptitude.

Chemistry Project topics for class 12 CBSE students

1: Electroplating Machine

Electroplating is one of the most basic and easy topics for chemistry project class 12. It employs a pattern of electrolysis in which the electrodes play a very significant role than just operating the current.

Electrolysis is the process by which an electric current is passed through an entity to enforce some chemical alteration in it. This chemical modification is the result of either gaining ions or losing them.

An electroplating machine chemistry project topic for class 12 students uses electricity to blanket the metal of an electrode with the ions of metal on the other side. This process comes under the electrochemistry subsection of chemistry for class 12 students.

2: Water Quality Testing Model

A water quality testing model chemistry project topic for class 12 students helps them understand the necessity of clean and healthful water and also its composition. These are recreational and easy project topics for chemistry class 12 which can be performed for several findings.

A student, even a beginner can make this skillfully with the help of a few chemical testing equipment. Project Bot offers water quality testing model kits and modules to help students learn about multiple elements and polluters present in water.

This model can help students and teachers to test water for alkalinity, temperature, calcium, hardness, and other solvents in water depending on the complexity of the model. A similar type of water quality testing model chemistry project topic for class 12 can be used to test water for pesticides, amount of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, etc.

3: Water Density Experiment

The mass and size of molecules in a liquid and how closely they are packed in the structure determine the density of a liquid. Now to calculate densities of various liquids by locating their masses and extents of molecules looks a lot more impossible task. This is why every science enthusiast needs a chemistry project on solutions for class 12 like the water density experiment.

This experiment tests various categories of fluids to infer which is denser. Lighter liquids are less dense than thicker liquids so they glide on top of them. This colourful and fascinating chemistry project on solutions for class 12 attracts the youth and provides them with reasoning in a fun way.

Chemistry Project Topics for Class 12 ICSE students

1: Electrical Conductivity Model

Since class 6th, students have been taught about electrical conductivity, i.e. a material’s potential to transmit an electric current. Since then, students with creative minds have been scrutinizing to use this ability in a way to showcase it in science fairs and as a chemistry project topic for class 12.

Easy construction, circuit, and material availability make it one of the best topics for chemistry project class 12.  This experiment is used to infer which substance is the best conductor among a few chosen materials. Another similar electrical conductivity model can be used to determine the electrical conduction between different fruits and vegetables and also support to comprehension of the effects of solvents in water’s conductivity.

2: Pencil Electrolysis Experiment

In a water electrolysis experiment, by adding electricity to water and providing a path for the different particles to follow, the water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen.

But for a pencil (lead) electrolysis experiment, at the negative pencil tip at the cathode end, positively charged hydrogen ions meet and form hydrogen that bubbles to the surface. The positive pencil tip at the anode attracts the negative oxygen ions. This technique for the electrolysis of water is employed on an industrial scale to manufacture hydrogen.


Project Bot’s chemistry project topic for class 12th students inspires and encourages them to achieve heights and understand efficiently. It also relieves students from the 18hr long workload by providing a medium for quick revision in an engaging way.

It also furnishes students with the much-needed set of diverse skills and proficiency to ace the practical and chemistry project topics for class 12.

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