Through NIPCT University and NIPCT School, all of you will be able to prepare for your school, college and university and competition exams, we provide free learning content to all of you, through which you will be able to study better.

About NIPCT School

Through NIPCT School, we help the students to make school education available to the students through digital medium for young children and children from class 1st to class 12th and help students to understand their books through digital content. Students can complete their school teaching in a good way and understand the school books in a good way and correct all his questions correctly.

About NIPCT University

Many professional courses are being made available to the students through the NIPCT University, through which the students will be able to complete the professional course like basic computer course and will be able to do better in their career. And will also be able to watch video lectures of graduation subjects through digital content.

How to Get a Degree Online

  1. Choosing a School
  2. Enrolling as a Student
  3. Working Towards Your Degree

In school education, students have to study Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology English Computer and national language like Hindi English Sanskrit subject, through which students take general education and they get basic education of different subjects along with this students University studies any subject in detail in education and they are able to perform better in the subject.

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