When you are responsible for employee engagement in your organization you actually are responsible for its overall success. Leaders and OD specialists need to connect with, motivate and empower their workforce, which we call employee engagement.

Picking up responsibility and inspiring individuals to procure new skills and accomplish their maximum capacity prompts gradual improvements in execution, profiting all concerned people, groups and organizations.

So what does lead to optimal employee engagement?

Three Factor theory of employee engagement

The Three Factor Theory builds up a self-maintaining cycle of successful representative engagement by guaranteeing that practices and approaches center around equity, accomplishment and brotherhood.

1. Equity

Value People need to feel they are being dealt with decently – particularly in connection to others, both inside and outside the organization.

This incorporates:

  • Physical factors – for instance, working in a safe sheltered situation and being physically ready to carry out an occupation
  • Economic factors – individuals need to feel that their compensation, advantages and professional stability are reasonable
  • Psychological factors – feeling of being approached with respect and fairness.

2. Achievement

People work better and achieve more if they believe in what they are doing and have confidence in the direction they are going. In short, they work best when they feel they are achieving something. Six issues influence this:

  • Having challenging work and being able to use their skills
  • Having the opportunity to develop their capabilities and to take risks
  • Having the resources, authority, information and support to work effectively
  • Knowing that the work is important and has value and purpose
  • Receiving recognition – both financial and non-financial
  • Having pride in the company’s aims, ethics, products and brand values.

3. Companionship

Companionship  is important for individuals to have good relations with co-workers. This requires congenial, co-operative, interesting and supportive relationships at all levels, with the most immediate ones being the most significant.

This involves relationships:
  • Involving co-workers
  • With the business unit
  • Across on-site departments
  • Across the whole company

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