Engineers have always been an important part of society as they are constantly paving our way to a bright future with the help of science and innovation. Hence, it becomes crucial that they learn and develop in a wholesome manner. Their education and learning must not be limited to books, they also need to be exposed to real-world tools and devices.

Project Bot has brought these amazing Electronic engineering Project topics to influence aspiring engineers. This comprehensive range of electronics engineering final year project ideas is designed and developed for and diploma beginners and final years students.

Electronics project ideas using Arduino

We have listed down some top-notch electronics project ideas using Arduino. These are some relevant electronics project ideas for engineering students, developed for a better understanding of Arduino and its use among them.

1: Line Following Robot (Arduino-based)

Line following robot is a working model of a robot based on Arduino developed by Project Bot. The exciting part about the robot is that it moves along a line. This working model has a simple-looking toy car that can amaze you with its features.

Best quality inputs have been used to make this Line following robot safe to use. This model will be very relevant if used as one of the electronic project ideas for final year students. Students will enjoy working on this amazing Line following robot.

2: Obstacle Avoidance Robot

The obstacle avoidance robot designed by Project Bot can prove itself to be one of the most incredible electronic engineering final year project ideas. Students will have fun while working on this project idea.

This obstacle avoidance robot can also be used as a spy gadget too after adding a spy camera to it. If you love to modify tech items flaunt your skills and design a whole new obstacle avoidance robot of your choice with this mind-blowing electronics engineering project idea.

3: Robotic Arm Arduino-Based

What if I tell you that you can create a robotic arm from the comfort of your home? Project Bot has designed this Robotic arm for final year science enthusiasts as one of the best electronics project ideas using Arduino.

This robotic arm is truly Arduino-based and can easily be controlled. It can ease tasks and will help humans in living an easy life. Students will not face any kind of inconvenience while presenting this robotic arm as a project idea.

4: Temperature And Humidity Detector Using Arduino

Regular checks of temperature and humidity are very important for many people who are dependent on nature, like farmers. Temperature and humidity detectors Arduino-based can help them in getting accurate measurements of temperature and humidity.

This temperature and humidity detector is a working model which can easily be connected to mobile phones through Bluetooth and can show the readings. Different top-quality sensors have been installed for best performance. This Arduino-based project is one of the best electronics project ideas for beginners.

5: Tilt Angle And Distance Meter Using Arduino

Tilt angle and distance meter is an Arduino-based electronics project idea for final year electronic engineering students. This working model can help in detecting the amount of tilt taken place by an angle due to various objects coming in its path.

This tilt angle and distance meter have an ultrasonic sensor to detect the change in the angle. A small led screen has been installed to display the readings.

6: Toll Tax Barrier Using Arduino

Have you ever seen that barrier while passing through a toll and wondered how it opens when a car comes close to it? Project Bot has come up with this mini working model of toll tax barrier using Arduino.

This working model will be relevant as a project idea for B tech and diploma students of electronic engineering. Students can use this project to effectively demonstrate the working of a real toll tax barrier.

7: Smart Dustbins With GSM And Arduino Module

Innovations are making our life very effortless and this smart dustbin with GSM is a similar kind of device. This smart dustbin can easily be controlled using mobile phones. Opening and closing isn’t the only feature, it can also tell you the level of garbage in the dustbin.

It will be very relevant for electronic engineering final year students if used as electronic project ideas.

Electronics Engineering Final Year Project Ideas Using Microcontroller

To stimulate the understanding of the microcontroller technology within engineering students, Project Bot has designed these amazing electronics project ideas using microcontrollers for future engineers.

1: Digital Weighing Machine

A digital weighing machine is a simple working model of a real digital weighing machine. It is designed by Project Bot so that students can use it as electronics project ideas. They can easily assemble the whole device from their homes without any inconvenience.

To ensure the quality, the components of this digital weighing machine are of top-notch quality. This digital weighing machine is also based on Arduino and is quite feasible for students doing or a diploma in electrical engineering.

2: LPG Leakage Alarm

It’s very sad to hear that many domestic accidents happen due to leakage of LPG cylinders. These accidents can be stopped if we have an LPG leakage alarm. This LPG leakage alarm can easily be built from the comfort of your home.

This LPG leakage alarm alerts everyone as soon as it detects any kind of gas leakage. Project Bot has designed it as one of the electronics project ideas for final year students and it is the best problem-solving project idea among all.

3: Wireless Mobile Charger

Back in the past, it was very hard to predict that we will charge devices wirelessly in the future. Project Bot has designed this wireless mobile charger, it is a working model which can charge your mobile phone wirelessly.

This wireless mobile charger works with the help of electromagnetic waves produced by the device. Electronics engineering final year students doing diploma or B Tech can use this model as an electronics project idea.

4: Li-Fi Audio Communication

Li-Fi audio communication project idea, a must-have device if you want to flaunt your love for tech in your classroom or college exhibition. This li-fi audio communication will assist students in understanding how they can use the light waves for audio communication.

This working model has a very simple setup and is designed to facilitate students with a wonderful innovation by Project Bot. This device is one of the most relevant electronics project ideas using a microcontroller.

5: Solar Mobile Charger

Power banks act like essentials nowadays. But what about places where people don’t get access to electricity for 2-3 days? For that, they can use this mobile charger which is fully solar-powered. This solar mobile charger is a working model but can be a real problem solver.

Project Bot designed this solar mobile charger as one of the electronics engineering final year project ideas for students. They can use this for themselves and can work on this project idea as well.

6: Solar Powered Air Cooler

Solar-powered air cooler is an incredible project idea for science enthusiasts who love to work on such devices that use solar energy. This solar-powered air cooler is designed by Project Bot for students doing a diploma in electronics engineering as an electronics project idea.

Project Bot has used properly insulated components to prevent damages and ensure the utmost safety of the students. This device will not only provide cooling but will also promote renewable energy resources.

7: Colorimeter

Colorimetry is a very interesting concept in the field of science.  Many students find it very complex to understand the topic. To cater to this problem of students, Project Bot has developed a working model of a real Colorimeter.

The main goal behind this project idea was to help students in understanding the topic with hands-on experience. They will understand how this device shows the amount of light present in any solution.


Electronics project ideas for engineering students using Arduino and Microcontroller are the advanced educational tools that must be a part of their learning process. Students can easily access these electronics engineering project topics and working models with Project Bot.

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